Saturday, February 16, 2008

Poem written for Valentine's Day. :)

So I recently broke up with my girlfriend of almost a year. I saw her on Valentine's day and in the slim chance that she got me a Valentine I wrote his poem. Perhaps not the best idea, but I seldom act on reason anyway. In any case, I thought it was pretty cool. So, check it out and let me know what you think. :)

A different path

On this day dedicated to couples and love
I’m assigned to my fate like a hand to a glove

It seems I am destined to spend it alone
Questioning why my heart has turned to stone

I desire to love, I desire to marry
But it seems that the prospect has proven too scary

This isn’t because of lack of opportunity
I’ve treated love like a criminal with impunity

Carelessly swinging a dull jagged sword
Only realizing now, the answer’s the Lord

I’ve spent the last year with someone truly great.
A girl who has turned me back to the God I forsake.

She knows me better than any other
We’ve talked and shared like best friends or brothers.

She’s been strong during my roller coaster of emotion
The whole time only seeking my deepest devotion

I just couldn’t give it, it proved too hard
My love was hidden and always on guard

Yet she persisted because she thought I had worth
Caring for me like the woman who gave me birth

But such undeserved love I couldn’t permit.
In the end it turns out I just couldn’t commit

The Lord has told me to take another path
At first it didn’t compute, I couldn’t do the math.

I just want her to be happy; I want to be happy too
Especially because of all the things that we’ve been through

I can only hope that we always remain friends
And that the future will offer a much clearer lens

Providing a way for us both to see
God’s eternal plan for our eternities


smalltoes said...

Very nice.

The Former 786 said...

I was moved, Will. . .mostly by your picture at the top. Wow.

The poem was good, too.

Gretchen said...

Wow...I hope you shared it with her. It's beautiful. You have a talent William!

The Shark said...

The poem definitely reflects some introspective experiences you've had, which is the most important thing about any art form, I think.

Tom Quinn. said...

I once broke up with a girlfriend right before valentines day. I too, thought that she might get me a valentine surprise. So, I, in turn, got her a diamond ring. She really reacted badly when I gave it to her. She was never actually MY girlfriend; she was my roommates, but when they broke up I took it really hard. Turns out she always thought I was kinda creepy, at least that's how she put it. I'm thinkin' she'll come around by next Valentine's Day, so I keep the ring close at hand.

Jeff B said...

WILL! Can't believe you haven't updated the blog in 7 months! After all the good things that have happened to you.