Friday, July 17, 2009

Updated Website

Apple makes it easy. :)

I've made some cool updates to my website. Check it out:

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Voice Overs...

Here are some webisodes I did for a buddy of mine. It's for a campaign to stop people from binge drinking. I made most of it up as I went along and they kept it. Enjoy! :)

Organized Organs

The last one is my favorite.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I did some commercials recently and I thought I'd share. The first two were produced by the great guys at Avalanche Studios for a company called People Trail. They encourage you to find out about the people you hire BEFORE you hire them. :)

And this one...

The following spots were made for VitalSmarts. The guys at VitalSmarts are some of the best people! They were so fun to work with.

Here's another...

Well, there you have it. Let me know what you think. :)

Friday, March 6, 2009

24 and suspension of disbelief.

Wow... I just have to post some quick ramblings about the latest 24 episode I saw on Hulu. (Side Note: I really like Hulu) How can they expect us to believe that 12 African dudes from a small country with limited resources could gain access to the White House. Invade it, capture it no less. Are we to believe that they were in there for like 10 minutes and no one heard the gun shots of the first 10 agents being killed. Are we to believe that the White House is not equiped with security cameras? Are we to believe that the little Sengalan working off of what looks like an old school Dell laptop overcame the White Houses' security infrastructure? That they can turn things off and on with ease? Like when Jack looses com with did that happen? They didn't even really explain it. Then Juma turns it back on to tell the Secret Service to stand down. But he turns it on only for him...not for Jack or Aaron. Lame. Then the fact that that Senator guy who has it in for Jack could be such a dingbat even surrounded by terrorists who INVADED THE WHITE HOUSE. I suppose some of this may be explained with this mystery "shipment" that Juma is sending to Jon Voight's character. Who is Mr. Voight in this season? Was he just introduced or was he on in the begining? I forget. Either way thier complete take over and infulration of the US Goverment is about as plausable as a president that will let two planes colide over American soil instead of holding off an invasion for 6 HOURS to neutralize the threat. (Yes, they said the CIP device could be neutralized but it would take 6 HOURS)

Now onto Mrs. Taylor...they have made this desperate attempt at showing a woman President who is in charge and who has unshakable resolve, which would be awesome and amazing, but this lady is a total dingbat. What could she possibly think the outcome of coming out of the safe room would be? The dude is in the White House on a suicide mission. "Open the door Jack!" Give me a break. What did she expect was going to happen? She got pimp slapped by Juma for being dumb. Although I think she's foolish that made me exited to see Juma "get his" in a future episode. You don't slap the President Juma! Jack's coming for you!

There were several times in this episode that I was shouting at the computer for the safety of some of my favorite characters. "Don't kill Bill! Please! Don't!" or "Don't kill Aaron! He's a stud, don't do it!" But oddly enough the dissappionting thing was they didn't kill any of them. These dudes are supposed to be ruthless, and while I love these characters, it would be good to see the show display some degree of realism in that regard. (If you can get past the obvious realism 12 dudes, in army fatigues scuba diving to a tunnel that leads directly to the White House) One character I can't stand is the FBI Chloe, the dark haired girl who was on Seinfeld. She is just annoying, much like her hunchbacked treasonous friend who got busted.

Even so....having said all that you know I'll be there next week on the edge of my seat waiting to see President Taylor make another stupid decision. I love the show. I'll watch it as long as they keep making it. But wow...Let's be glad that our security hopefully isn't that crappy in real life.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Let me be your missionary...

I FINALLY finished a video that I made for the 24 hour LDS film festival. It turned into a month long festival, just for me. Better late than never. :) So check it out and repost it if you like it. :)

Make sure to click the HQ button to watch it in higher quality.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This is my acting reel, trimmed down and consolidated. I still have some stuff I want to add but I think it's taking shape. What should I add? music? star swipes? Please comment and let me know what you think.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Los Angeles California...

I like to make people laugh. Ever since I was a kid I've had timing. The sense to know when a joke, a gesture, or an action would be well received. This gift has come with adulation and praise from many of my family and friends. My entire life I've enjoyed a certain sense of "popularity" because of my abilities and my personality. Declarations of "He's gonna be in movies one day" and "Will has so much talent" were in no short supply. My mother in particular has probably always been my biggest fan. She has always encouraged me to pursue entertainment as a career, certain that I was born to be in front of a camera. I realize that support like this is quite uncommon and probably incredibly desired among those in the acting profession. Indeed, for most, telling your parents you want to be a professional actor is probably akin to telling them you want to join the circus. Sheer joy and excitement floods the room I'm sure. And by joy and excitement I mean weeping and wailing, gnashing of teeth. But good ol' mom isn't like that at all. She believes in me.

And yet...I find it difficult to believe in myself sometimes. I find it difficult to believe that I am deserving. I tell myself, "There are so many others out there trying to do the same thing that I am." I'm beleaguered thinking, "Who am I? What could I possibly offer that others already haven't?" This fear is crippling, it's wrong. There are other actors out there, but there is not another William Rubio. (Except for, according the IMDB, the stunt motorcyclist in Taxi)

Unfortunately, this seems to be a common thread amongst my colleagues. In my interactions with other actors I find that many are plagued with the same worries and fears. Many are in constant search of just enough validation to maintain hope. They want someone to say they are talented. Perhaps the unspoken dream is for someone to magically appear and say, "I believe in you so much that I will sponsor all your endeavors. You need not worry about a 9-5. You are an artist. I will give you the freedom to create without worry until the rest of the world recognizes your genius and rewards you for it."

I suppose we want to eliminate the risk involved. We are told that we need the stability that comes along with following social norms, yet our hearts won't allow it. Our society often rewards creative behavior, but in very few ways endorses it on the mainstream. I think subconciously some may think, "If only there was a set of rules to follow to show me exactly how to get to where I want". So we go in search of these rules, but we can't find them. Well, it's taken a while for me to figure out but, THERE IS NO SET OF RULES. Life is indeed what we make of it.

I find, as many others do as well, that it is hard to change, particularly the way one thinks or interacts with others. But I intend to. I will. I will change for the better. I will live life without a script (no pun intended). Why not? Worry and fear don't produce anything but emptiness and regret. The trouble is that the alternative involves work. It involves courage and determination. So we choose fear as an easy escape, as an excuse. But nothing that is worth anything is achieved without effort, right? Isn't that the great eternal truth here, that you reap what you sow?

Sigh....Well I intended for this to be a simple post about my plans to move to LA, but I guess it evolved into something else.

I had planned to move to LA in February. But my room mate/renter moving out has put a hold on things. It has made me realize just how many liabilities I have right now. So I face the shame of not leaving after having told many that I was. Dang, I really didn't want to be "that guy".

So here is the new plan. I'm going to sell my house. I'm going to take the money and pay off everything. Then I'll move to LA a free man, in more ways than one. So what if it takes another couple months. There is no shame in altering plans to put myself in a better position to succeed right? Besides, I scriptless now. ;)